Summer Events 2018

Just when you were thinking would we ever again have a Radcliffe Men's event, here are three to put in your diaries.
  1. Breakfast + Prayer - Act quickly it's this Saturday 19th May at St Mary's vicarage - 7-30am. PLEASE CONTACT Rev Mark Tanner ( asap if you'd like to book in (max 20)
  2. Mid-summer Walk to Shelford (+ pint in the Chesterfield) Weds 20th June - as in previous years - meet at 7-00pm at Wharf Lane park for the walk or meet us there for a drink at around 8-00pm
  3. Skittles at The Royal Oak East Bridgford - Thursday 19th July - 7-30pm onwards
As always, friends, family, dogs ................ (all of male variety) are all very welcome!!

Look forwards to seeing you again.

Summer Events 2017

Breakfast - Saturday 22nd July - Tea At Maria's 8-00am

Skittles Wednesday 23 August - The Royal Oak at East Bridgford - 7-30pm

As usual, all blokes welcome - friends/family/work colleagues .......... 

Please let Paul Dean know if you can make it (

Autumn Events 2016

Here's the start of a few events for late 2016.

Skittles Wednesday 19th October - The Royal Oak at East Bridgford - 7-45pm

Breakfast - mid-November - Tea At Maria's 8-00am date to be confirmed (probably 19th or 26th)

Open to everyone - Please let Paul Dean know if you can make it (

Summer Events 2016

So a little later than normal, here are the first couple of events for the next season. I've put them a little later in the month partly to coincide with mid-summer to give us lots of light for a walk!

Saturday 21st May - Breakfast at Tea at Maria's - 8-00am: Let us know if you need anything special ie: veggy etc.

Wednesday 22nd June - Mid-summer's Walk with a Pint - the default one will be to Shelford again but let us have your ideas.
Wednesday 27th July - Special bowls evening at Radcliffe Bowls Club.

Please let Paul Dean know if you can make it (

It would be good to do something a little different in August - a bike ride? - suggestions welcome!

Winter/Spring Events 2016

Here are the events for February, March and April.  You'll see that the Breakfast will be a little different - I'm suggesting we join with other men from the area at an event initiated by Bishop Tony Porter to be held at Betel Church in New Basford.  We'll need numbers soon for this, so please let Paul Dean know as usual (  I've been to one of these in the past and it was encouraging, challenging and good fun to be there - hope you can join us.

  • Wednesday 3rd February: A relaxing drink in the Manvers - from
  • Saturday 5th March 2016 at 8.30am: BREAKFAST AT BETEL (lifts available)
  • Thursday 7th April: Meal at the Royal Oak - to be seated at 7-30pm

Autumn 2015 Events

OK - having completed a full cycle of events and gathered feedback from a number of you all, here's the general plan for probably the next year.  A 4 month cycle to include an evening meal, an activity based event, a breakfast and ...... an 'Over To You' month (see below).  Events will usually happen in the first week of the month (a suggestion from Paul Dean so that men attending St Mary's Messy Church can be easily invited).

So, starting from September we'll have:
  • Wednesday 2nd September - Pub Games Evening at The Manvers
    7-30pm onwards
  • Thursday 1st October - Meal at The Royal Oak - to be seated at 7-30pm
  • Saturday 7th November - Breakfast at Tea At Maria's - 8-00am 
  • December - 'Over To You'

So what's all this 'Over To You' business?
Every 4th month is a chance for any of us to take the initiative to plan something.  This can be large or small, open to all or just a few.  Here are a few ideas:
  • Invite one or two other men out for a pint - perhaps who you've only recently met
  • Arrange an event with an open invitation
  • Put out a request for a few blokes to give a helping hand to someone - perhaps a neighbour or a friend who's struggling to get something done on their own
  • Ask if anyone would like to help you in raising money for a charity that you're involved in
  • Take part in a local Christian event/activity eg: visiting a hospital or prison, or helping to take a Christmas celebration to a Residential Home
More on this as December approaches - but Over To You for more ideas!!

As usual, feel free to invite any male friends ........ and ........... let Paul Dean know if you intend to be at an event.  Numbers for the Manvers Pub Games by Sunday 30th August would be appreciated.


  1. Hoping this time I can post a comment. Suggestions for December. Sponsored walk round Cotgrave Country Park followed by food at Manvers Arms Cotgrave?? Probably need to be a Saturday if this does not interfere with people's other commitments.
    PS Silence can be golden!!

  2. Great suggestion Martyn - what does everyone else think?